Bluehost Review: PhpBB

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You are this cooking guru or a DIY expert who always wanted to help this world. You could advertise a phone number to the world and end up spending the whole day taking phone calls.  Why not create your own bulletin board and discussion forum. Bluehost and PhpBB are just the right tools you need.  Select from an extensive database of user created styles and modifications to give your own oomph to your bulletin board. With unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited file transfers for all those important diagrams, audio files and even Google credits for advertising your bulletin board, you would soon be fielding questions from as far as Sri Lanka. The world will be your student and you would be the guru. If this is what you had dreamed off, don’t wait and signup for the Bluehost $6.95/month plan and unleash your knowledge on this world. We promise you will get many rave reviews just like a Bluehost review and soon the reputation of your bulletin board will skyrocket.

Launch Plan – InMotion Hosting Review

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When looking at starting a small business, there is an InMotion plan for you. The basic of the InMotion business plans is the Launch plan and this InMotion hosting review will cover what is in it that makes it the best value for your money.

You can hold two different websites on your account, which is perfect if you are considering a personal website too. However, you are also able to park 6 domain names, which is perfect if you have found popular domain names that you are considering using or if you have clients that have picked out those domain names.

You have an unlimited amount of disk space so you do not need to worry about large websites and your websites are backed up so that you do not have problems if the servers do crash. This plan is not yet ready to be used as an e-commerce website but you can definitely get the news out there about your business and the product and services that you offer.