Windows Hosting as a Viable Web Hosting Solution

February 19th, 2011 § Comments Off on Windows Hosting as a Viable Web Hosting Solution § permalink

Linux may be a dominant force in web hosting but Windows hosting firmly stands as a solid second option.  Web hosting with Windows has a few advantages over Linux.  First of all, Windows is less complex and it has quite a bit of power behind it.  Most hosting packages are based on Microsoft Windows Servers from either 2003 or 2008 operating systems.  These powerful systems are designed after Windows NT and enables end to end server management with features providing enhanced security and scalability.  Dynamic web pages and applications can be created using various Microsoft technologies as well as the comprehensively dynamic .NET Framework.  Therefore, various Internet business functions are efficiently viable using a Windows based system.

Windows web hosting is also the perfect solution if your website needs Microsoft products like FrontPage and ASP to function properly.  FrontPage is designed with the novice in mind and is therefore, extremely easy to use and consequently, is one of the most widely employed web management and design tools.  All of these features show that Windows is a user friendly hosting solution.