How the Concept Was Developed and How it Affects Us All Today

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web-hostingMost things in life have a history. A place or point in time that their journey began. To understand the magic that this type of thing can be, one has to understand where it came from. The concept of a coupon first graced the world back in the late 1880s when it was first used to get people to partake of a little known product of the time called Coca Cola. Other companies like C.W. Post soon jumped on the bandwagon and the world of coupons was on its way.

“Couponing has become an art,” some people have said, and in a sense that can be perceived as true. There are millions of Americans who have turned to couponing as a way to save money on their food bill mainly, and in recent times on things like clothes, shoes, hair and makeup, and even on web hosting packages amazingly enough. In almost all cases, getting a hosting coupon code is like having an extra goodie in your party bag. In the world of web hosting, it has become the norm to offer extended and even specialized services in the form of coupons.

Most web hosting coupons, such as a Hostgator coupon, have a standard format that they come with. From the research that was done for this article, the most popular ‘goodie’ that these coupons offer today is a percentage off the sign up price for the service. It can be from anywhere around $10 to 10%. How much of a discount is given off this aspect of the service is based on the company in question. Each company may just give a different ‘value’ to the coupon. Another ‘extra’ that seems to have become the norm is increased bandwidth on your account/site. More bandwidth means that you can do more with the site and have content that is a bit more complicated.

Still another extra is more disk space on the system of the server. Whether or not your site is a big monstrosity with over 100 pages or it is a baby at 5 pages, you can always do with more disk space to store files, data for your site updates and even other information that relates to the running of your site. This one is a favorite of most customers because it simply allows them to do more.

Finally, customer service, this is a big issue for a lot of website owners who depend on their hosting service to deal with the technical challenges of their sites. To most, if not all of them, it is by far the most important aspect of the service. The ability of the hosting company to deal with any and all issues of their site is the reason why most potential clients choose certain hosting services. It is because of excellent customer service. Overall, couponing has affected us all in some form or fashion. Even in the world of web hosting firms, coupons have changed the way that we all build our sites and operate our businesses online.

Bluehost Review: PhpBB

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You are this cooking guru or a DIY expert who always wanted to help this world. You could advertise a phone number to the world and end up spending the whole day taking phone calls.  Why not create your own bulletin board and discussion forum. Bluehost and PhpBB are just the right tools you need.  Select from an extensive database of user created styles and modifications to give your own oomph to your bulletin board. With unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited file transfers for all those important diagrams, audio files and even Google credits for advertising your bulletin board, you would soon be fielding questions from as far as Sri Lanka. The world will be your student and you would be the guru. If this is what you had dreamed off, don’t wait and signup for the Bluehost $6.95/month plan and unleash your knowledge on this world. We promise you will get many rave reviews just like a Bluehost review and soon the reputation of your bulletin board will skyrocket.

Back Linking Helps with Business Web Hosting

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When it comes to getting traffic to your website, which you have hosted through business web hosting, it is extremely important that you consider all of your promotional options, including the process of back linking.

This is the process of including links to your website through keywords or through forum posts. You can opt for including the link in your forum signature and post regularly so that everybody on the forum will see your link.

You also have the option of writing articles and including the links through some of your keywords. You will need to do this with words and topics that are relevant to your website so that you can also gain the trust of the traffic that you are getting. The articles can then be posted on revenue websites.

You have to be very careful not to come across as spam when doing this and always ensure that you read the rules of any forum that you post on. You will also need to check the rules of the websites that you are posting the articles at.


Launch Plan – InMotion Hosting Review

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When looking at starting a small business, there is an InMotion plan for you. The basic of the InMotion business plans is the Launch plan and this InMotion hosting review will cover what is in it that makes it the best value for your money.

You can hold two different websites on your account, which is perfect if you are considering a personal website too. However, you are also able to park 6 domain names, which is perfect if you have found popular domain names that you are considering using or if you have clients that have picked out those domain names.

You have an unlimited amount of disk space so you do not need to worry about large websites and your websites are backed up so that you do not have problems if the servers do crash. This plan is not yet ready to be used as an e-commerce website but you can definitely get the news out there about your business and the product and services that you offer.

UK Web Hosting: Serving Non-UK Customers

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When non-UK customers use UK web hosting providers to host their website, there are always going to be some challenges that a UK customer would not have to undergo. Non-UK customers will come under the umbrella of International Law if nothing works between a UK webhosting provider and the customer. As a result, the legal wrangling that ensues can be long and precarious. In addition, the laws of the two countries, the customer’s country and the UK, may not be compatible with each other and hence a customer might inadvertently break the law and find him or herself in the middle of a lawsuit. The financial laws, the value added taxes law and even the employee labor laws are likely to differ from the customer’s home country. The customer should consider the law situation before deciding to host their website with a UK webhosting provider. If the customer has to fly to UK occasionally, the customer should also account for the cost of the flight.

Windows Hosting as a Viable Web Hosting Solution

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Linux may be a dominant force in web hosting but Windows hosting firmly stands as a solid second option.  Web hosting with Windows has a few advantages over Linux.  First of all, Windows is less complex and it has quite a bit of power behind it.  Most hosting packages are based on Microsoft Windows Servers from either 2003 or 2008 operating systems.  These powerful systems are designed after Windows NT and enables end to end server management with features providing enhanced security and scalability.  Dynamic web pages and applications can be created using various Microsoft technologies as well as the comprehensively dynamic .NET Framework.  Therefore, various Internet business functions are efficiently viable using a Windows based system.

Windows web hosting is also the perfect solution if your website needs Microsoft products like FrontPage and ASP to function properly.  FrontPage is designed with the novice in mind and is therefore, extremely easy to use and consequently, is one of the most widely employed web management and design tools.  All of these features show that Windows is a user friendly hosting solution.

The Public Cloud Hosting Is the One That Most People See

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There are indeed two different types of cloud hosting.  The public clouds are the ones that you use when you are using such web sites as Google Mail or Yahoo, or when you have logged into your Facebook account.  They shared the computer servers that are hooked up to that public cloud and experience the benefits of the expanded usability and the associated heightened access to servers that might be all over the world.

The web sites that you put up on the internet through a cloud is placed on that public one that has the ability to keep expanding when you need additional disc space or functionality for some of those complicated scripts that people have a tendency to run.  The public cloud, its name taken from the drawings of clouds on diagrams on paper whenever the internet is discussed, has a very important purpose. That is to serve as many web sites as possible and to keep them all on the Internet and functioning properly.

PHP Hosting – The Benefits That Others See

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What do you need the people that come to your page to see or do that PHP hosting can help with?  That is a very long list as well.  The shopping cart system, for one, is the biggest application that a lot of web masters use for the promoting of their business.  The little bells and whistles, figuratively and literally, on your web pages can be generated by the appropriate imbedding of PHP scripts in your pages are all too familiar.  While some may have a tendency to overdo these kinds of scripts, the ones that have everybody going to the bank with are the ones that allow you to accept payment from your customers by credit card.  This does make it convenient for them to make their purchase in a safe, encrypted way.

Probably one of the biggest benefits that others see is the way that your page loads so much faster than others in your niche because of the scripting that does not get in the way of the web browser but actually helps it to load.

Use SEO with Your Cheap Hosting

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There is no longer a reason to struggle in business anymore and it is becoming one of the best times to start working as self-employed. With the help of the Internet and the introduction of cheap hosting, there are now a number of ways to make money quickly and easily. In fact, the Internet can do all the work for you.

Through the correct use of SEO, you could see a small business website climb up the ranks in the search engine results so that you get more traffic to your website. More traffic means that you will get a lot more money and also means that you will be able to watch your business grow.

No matter how much marketing you do with your website, you will still need to use SEO so that others are able to find your website. Not everybody will be on the same platforms that you use for marketing so you will need to use all of your ways to get yourself known to everybody out there.

Limitations of Shared Hosting

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Shared hosting has a lot of benefits, such as the ability to host a personal website for an affordable price, but they are not the best thing for everybody. Depending on the plans, they will not benefit large businesses or those who want to host a number of websites on one account.

Website developers generally need a portfolio that they can show potential clients and the best way of doing this is to host a number of websites and provide links. However, there is sometimes a limit to the number of websites that you can have on your account, which can mean that you are stuck with only one or two websites in your portfolio. This is very limiting and does not show everything that you can do.

At the same time, you are usually limited to the amount of server-side programming that can be done, which is a problem when it comes to showing coding skills and the ability to add a lot to one page. In cases like this, sometimes another option is needed.